Imaging and Defining Emergent Behaviors of the Immune Response

Lab Equipment

Screener:  6 dimensional wide-field microscope built on a Zeiss 200M base. Automated filter wheels, PIFOC, CoolsnapHQ, Running on Metamorph.  Calendar available offline.  Manual.

Krummel_Debnath_DeFranco Spinning Disk Microscope:  6-dimensional Yokogawa spinning disk built on a Nikon inverted base. 6-line laser launch (405, 457,488,514,561,635nm), automated filterwheels, PIFOC, Stanford Photonics Z-camera, running micromanager.  Calendar available offline.  Manual.

FIRF Scope: Two-color TIRF/widefield scope with photoablation/photoactivation, built on a Zeiss200M base.  Calendar and Manual offline.

Video-Rate 2-photon Microscopes:  Custom built 4-8 channel microscopes operating at up to 30fps, built on Olympus or custom bases. Construction details here.  Calendar and Manuals at the BIDC.

Additional BIDC-Shared Microscopes:  Visit the BIDC.

Microfabrication tools. Plasma cleaners and spin-coater. Calendar and Manuals Offline.

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